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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  March 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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we continue to follow breaking news out of hillsborough county. a car crashed into a law office building near brandon. a live report next. plus a big night for senators ted cruz and bernie sanders, picking up wins in two states on super saturday. the latest on the race for the white house is coming up. good sunday morning, i'm candace mccowan. we'll get to our top stories in a moment but first let us check on the weather forecast.
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>> we're in this pattern with sunshine and comfortable temperatures just what we would like to see with so many outdoor activities, if you go to the beach, or strawberry festival, the weather will cooperate. as you pull back the curtains in your house or watching us in lakewood ranch, this is what you're seeing. sunshine, a little bit of a sway on the palm trees, north wind at side. so we'll stay here in the mid- to low 50s this morning. there are a few spots to the north in citrus county in the 40s. with that sunshine look for a rapid warmup as we head through the afternoon. we'll see temperatures topping out at around 74 degrees in the afternoon. that is the graphic i wanted to show you and that blue sky will trans rate to clear skies -- will translate to clear skies. if you go to plant city, pour on
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we'll heat up this week. those inland spots will reach 80 degrees. for now, go ahead and download our weather app. you can use it any time on our storm team 8 app. it is free from the apple store or the google store. mark, thank you. to breaking news that we continue to follow. a car crashed into a law office on 301 south near brandon. and now that driver is in the hospital. mary mcguire pulled up to the scene about an hour ago and, mary, what is the latest and how bad is the damage? >> hey, good morning, candace. as you see hine me the damage to this law office has been pretty devastating. i can see one big corner of the law office has been just absolutely smashed by that car that hit it and we have some video from earlier this morning that i want to show you of that vehicle while it was still here. it was towed away a half hour ago.
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one driver was headed south on 301, hit a brick wall at a carport at the law office located at 9905 alahambra avenue off of 301. we know the driver was transported to tampa general non-life-threatening injuries. i notice the car that was towed away had an ohio license plate. we don't know if the driver was local to the tampa bay area or if perhaps they were still visiting here. hillsborough county code enforcement just arrived on the scene here and want to make sure the building is safe for this law office to practice in. inside we're told there are several employees that work out of this building. so this could potentially be devastating for that business. i did chat with the owner of this law office and we'll hear from her coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. for updates on this breaking
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website or download our free news channel 8 app. now to your votes. it was a big day for senator ted cruz picking up kansas and maine on super saturday. it was a strong saturday to add on to his super tuesday victory in texas, oklahoma and alaska. it was also a win for trump who picked up louisiana and kentucky. he is asking for the republican party to come together. >> we have a dynamic party and as a party we should come together and stop this foolishness. >> in the democratic party, bernie sanders scored two victories in kansas and nebraska. and hillary clinton won the states of louisiana. clinton still has twice the amount of delegates as sanders. she changed her focus to michigan where she is hoping for a big showing this tuesday. >> there is no barrier we can't break down.
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together, that is my pledge to you. i am asking for and hoping to receive your vote on tuesday. >> more delegates are up for grabs today in the race for the white house. democrats will caucus in maine while republicans vote in puerto rico. this as three gop hopefuls are trying to blunt the momentum of donald trump. we have more on the race for the white house. >> reporter: on super saturday texas senator ted cruz visited the win intersection circle first picking up 17 delegates winning the kansas caucus and 12 more by winning maine. >> the combination of super tuesday election results, the last two debates, together has been more and more unifying republicans behind our campaign and that is a very, very encouraging sign. >> reporter: cruz picking up a symbolic win, too, in the straw pole at cpac. cpac is a key stop for
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nomination but trump is playing by his own rules. fresh off his win in louisiana he skipped the conference to campaign in florida where a big bounty of delegates is up for grabs in 10 days. >> i have taken more questions from reporters than any human being maybe that has ever lived. >> reporter: trump said it is time for the republican field to thin. >> marco rubio had a bad night and i would call for him to drop out of the the race. >> reporter: rubio brushed off that suggestion. democrat bernie sanders was hoping to pick up momentum on super saturday entering the day clinton. clinton had a resounding win in indiana and has her sights set on michigan. >> we have to win this election and we all know the stakes keep getting higher, and the rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeps sinking lower.
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delegates on the line. republicans have a primary in puerto rico and democrats caucus in maine. the contests in hawaii, idaho tuesday. here in florida early voting started in all counties. tampa mayor bob buckhorn took advantage of early voting saturday to cast his ballot for hillary clinton. in hillsborough county alone 20,000 voters took advantage of early voting. 52,000 voted by mail. florida's primary coming up on march 15th. we posted everything you need to know on a developing story. the coast guard continues to search for a man who fell from a royal caribbean cruise ship off the coast of key west. the 46-year-old texas man was on the tenth deck when he fell overboard at 3:00 saturday morning. it is off the coast of key largo presently. a warning for spring
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the florida highway patrol will increase presence in march. they will check for drunk drivers. more dui citations are issued in march than any other month of the year. they tell us more than 32,000 crashes were reported last march in florida. 400 involved drivers whose alcohol levels were above the legal limit. well that crash at daytona international speedway this morning but this one was not on the track. the police say that 43-year-old was drunk when she plowed her pickup into four people in five rv's's early this morning. it happened inside of the end field at the speedway where many fans and families camp out. a witness said he watched as the accident happened. >> she came out of the truck. she was all stumbling like, wow, whatever, she didn't know where she was at. >> the police are saying that a breathalyzer showed kenny with a
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a pilot and his passenger were able to walk away unharmed after an emergency landing on a golf course in st. petersburg. police tell us the teenage pilot was flying from lakeland to manatee county and had a mechanical issue. residents near the course came out to see what the commotion was about. >> i want to do do a selfie with the plane and tease my ends up north saying how nice the weather is in florida. >> this is not the first time this has happened on that same exact course. look at video, christmas eve 2009 a two-seater plane made an emergency landing on that same course. the faa is investigating the cause of the crash.
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airplane had to abort takeoff due to mechanical problem. the passengers could see the problem looking out the window. >> i was towards the back on the right-hand side and heard a big pop. i thought it sounded like maybe a tire popping. and they immediately slowed down, turned and let us know it was something that was outside -- or in the engine that we could see actually right outside our window. there was something that had fallen off one of the right engines. >> the passengers had to be long delay. the flight finally at airport saturday evening. a scary event at a [inaudible] a building was declared unsafe. a large number of people were on the second floor balcony when building. the building will remained closed until it is deemed safe.
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tradition here in the bay area. the outdoor expo isn't just a great place to shop for the latest damage jits and tools. kids can get a head start on learning and appreciating [loss of audio] seminars on fresh and salt water fishing, boating, hunting and more from experts. these are not just adults. kids can learn how to tie knots and fish. >> i had a kid earlier today saying i can't throw one. i said you can catch candy. he went over there and threw it. and it was ear to ear smiles. i love the reaction. >> it is at the florida state fairgrounds open from 10:00 to 5:00. $8 admission for adults and free for kids 12 and under.
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stories making news here in florida.
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scott tele is feeling the weight -- scott kelly is feeling the weight of the world again. this morning nbc's tom costello is reporting, he said kelly's entry to earth is more difficult than expected.
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for less than 48 hours, scott kelly says he's readjusting to life in 1g. >> coming back to gravity is harder than leaving gravity. >> reporter: after a year in space he is far more fatigued, his muscles more sore than after an earlier mission. >> i also have an issue with my skin because it hadn't touched anything for so long like any significant contact, it is very, very sensitive to -- almost like a burning feeling wherever i like sit or lie or walk. >> reporter: doctors say he may also have trouble sleeping at first while he readjusts to day-night cycle. bones often become more brittle and he said he grew one and a half inches in space because the spinal column wasn't compressed by gravity. but he has already shrunk back to his normal size. >> gravity pushes you back down to size. >> reporter: a big part of this
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effects of long durations space mission. comparing him with his brother men undergoing exhaustive medical exams in space and on the ground. along wis 144 million mile journey, his stunning photography went viral. his first meal on earth was a banana and after a year without a shower he dreamed of jumping back into his pool in houston. meanwhile, that whole gravity thing is taking some time. >> i tried to shoot some bask balls yesterday and i didn't get any of them in the net. >> reporter: settling back in after a year up there. tom costello, nbc news, houston. if you think that you have are wrong. the central intelligence agency currently has a job opening for a high brar yen. what are the requirements -- librarian.
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you must have prior library experience and intensive background check and exam and lie detector test. applicants must generally not have used illegal drugs within the last 12 months. the pay is great. year. over 1400 librarians. this is one you have to stop and see this morning. amazing shot from a high school kentucky. ballard down by three. 10 seconds to go. jake ramsey rebounds and heaves an almost full-court shot 92 feet and gets nothing but net. semi-final game sent into overtime. you would think they wouldn't lose after that but they did. they'll never forget that shot. we have your full sunday forecast. also ahead, california dealt with a terrible drought for years.
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how long storms are expected to last there.
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el nino is bringing strong storms to parts of koefl. neighborhood near sacramento. heavy rain is needed in the northern part of the state because of the drought there. the rain will last today and end tomorrow morning.
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one side of the country the opposite happens on the other. right now california is seeing all of that rain with the front. classic el nino setup. over here along the east coast we're dealing with bone dry conditions. and we are looking at lovely weather here through the day and into next week. well, although it is going to stay dry, temperatures will warm up in a big way. outside right now, not too warm in crystal river, 43 degrees. compare that to 52 in tampa. 55 in brate denton and along the coast, 57 degrees. lower 40s in the inland zones. later this afternoon we warm up to 74. those inland spots will probably get into the mid- to upper 70s. now as we head into the evening, another cool evening in store for us here 7:00, 66. but tomorrow morning we'll probably wind up very similar to where we are right now. but we are just two weeks away from the start of spring.
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we'll going to start the spring pattern but it will feel more like summer here this week. what we'll see is this is the jet stream winds, and a big cutoff low develops over texas and what that does is that it will help pump up the warmth here across florida. so we'll deal with above-average temperatures. not today, though. right where we should be for this time of year which is typically 75 degrees. we'll deal with mid-70s underneath sunny skies and northerly breeze with a front that pushed on by. around 4:00 we'll probably see cooler itemers along the coastal spots. yesterday you might have needed long sleeves, if you were out at the beach, probably the same setup here today. early evening hours, low 60s and then here we are into tomorrow morning, 53 in tampa. upper 40s to the north and 50s in the inland zones.
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seas three to five feet. 10 to 15 knots. we passed through the low tide. so what you're seeing here is a very dry forecast. you see it right on through the week. rain chances will be very low as we head into next weekend. for now, it looks like we could push the rain back a little bit possibly, but one thing is for sure, is that it will get pretty hot for this time of year. a lot of folks will put away the jackets and looking for the ac switch on the cars. >> and all the spring breakers are loving it. >> the folks from up north are soaking in the sunshine. >> mark, thank you very much. the rays bring their bats to sarasota. wait till you hear how many bats they racked up. sports is next. ( melodic, calm music ) we said goodbye to the day. and to the city. and drifted off into the twilight. and when we woke,
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( soft, calm music ) hi, you've reached emma. i'm out of the office right now but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. join princess cruises for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. princess cruises. come back new. british prime minister winston churchill once equipped, history will be kind for me because i intend to write it. how will we remember the tampa bay lightning? the -- looking to break the club record, hosting hurricanes and the home team is doing pilattes.
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caroline in a came back tying it up -- carolina came back tying it up. minutes later, rebound. ditches to tyler johnson. triplets tie it up and we go to overtime. final minute of bonus hockey, peckham, take it away. >> racing from one end to the other. score! >> alex coast to coast, game winner, the streak lives. tampa bay wins 4-3. with ninth consecutive victory. >> we didn't know the record until the last game when we got about it. so that is cool to beat that. book that is special. so, you know, i think it is just a start for this club, start for this squad. so maybe we want more and tonight is a great night but we have to look [inaudible].
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love is all you need. that is what athletic director josh whitman is saying. the football coach was fired and smith surfaces as front runner for the job. smith was fired by the buccaneers in january. he hasn't coached in the college ranks since 1995. how about a shot of nostalgia? dan johnson solo home run bottom of the ninth in 2011 season helped the rays make the playoff. the great pumpkin is back with tampa bay signing a deal to become a knuckle ball pitcher. the 36-year-old's new old team took on the orioles last night in sarasota. drew smiley getting his first start. brad miller ropes one into left. that plates a pair giving tampa bay 2-0 lead in the third. next inning, kurt bloops a
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steven pierce, three hits and three rbi, big night for kevin kiermaier with three hits. stand-up triple that ran all the way to the wall. rays wrapped 17 hits and beat the o's 10-6. drew smiley all smiles. >> the pitcher goes into the first game anxious or nervous, how will my arm feel? how is my stuff going to be? coming out here reassures you to go out and have fun. i was excited about the first game. >> the hardwood. south florida women taking on southern methodist in the quarterfinals of the american conference tournament. you are witnessing courtney williams in her finest hour. the bulls senior recover on mustangs than the guy who put diesel in the tank. scored 18 points in the first quarter. finished with game-high 29 to go along with eight rebounds.
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the bulls play temple tonight at 6:30. that's it for sports. the search continues for the person who tried to burn down an apartment building in tampa. what we know about the suspect is coming up. plus the reality drama "night watch" is coming to tampa. we'll take you behind the scenes in the next half hour. the time is 7:30.
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you are watching news good morning, i'm candace mccowan. it is time to get a check on our weather with mark collins. >> good morning, candace. out here. plenty of sunshine to wake us up and get our day going as we head through the afternoon we'll warm up quickly. although you have your sweaters on now you won't later this afternoon. as we look out over like wood ranch this morning, this is our hula bay cameras. the winds are up. we have that nice glow to the sky because all of those high clouds have been swement away by a front which has pushed on by. unlike yesterday we'll have dark blue skies today. no rain in the forecast. is it a beach day? yes. but as we head through the afternoon the winds will pick up a bit out of the north. with the water temperatures being chilly around 65 degrees, it might feel little bit cooler along the coast compared to the inland spots.
7:34 am
folks will be out and about enjoying themselves and over the inland it will get warm. mid-70s here. we're not stopping. over the next couple of days we'll see those temperatures rising even more. bit. now to breaking news. a car has crashed into a law brandon. hospital. news channel 8's mary mcguire is at the scene. mary, what is the latest? >> hey, good morning. the cleanup process has begun out here in brandon. county code enforcement officials with hillsborough county have been out here surveying this building to make sure it is safe for people to be in there, to be working after that car rammed into the side of it and i also know tico officials will be here. there is a light pole back here to see if it was struck during
7:35 am
we have video from earlier this morning. after 4:00 a.m. one driver was headed south on 301, they $301, they hit a brick wall of a carport at 905 alahambra avenue. that driver was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. we spoke with the owner of the law office and she explains. >> it is something like this really impacts a lot of lives and you just don't know that. it happens. and it is very sad that somebody really got hurt. i hope they're okay. >> now, we did notice that the car that was involved in this accident did have an ohio license plate. so we don't know if the driver was a native to the tampa area or just visiting. i'm going to check in and we'll have an update on our later newscast. certainly a miracle there wasn't more damage or no light poles were hit in this crash, candace. >> mary mcguire live in hillsborough county.
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on to or download our free news channel 8 app. our top stories this morning. get ready to vote. today. weekend. hillsborough, miami-dade and broward will keep the vote's the primary. march 15th. >> i think the combination of super tuesday election results, the last two debates, together, has been more and more unifying republicans behind our campaign and that is a very, very encouraging sign. >> that is one guy feeling good this morning, words from senator ted cruz after winning kansas and maine caucuses. they were strong victories to add to his super tuesday success in texas, oklahoma and alaska. don't drive drunk. that is the message from florida highway patrol. f.h.p. is ramping up enforcement
7:37 am
officials say there are more dui citations given out in march than any other month. last year there were 32,000 crashes across the state in march and they ended in 35 deaths. investigators are searching for the person who tried to burn down an apartment building in tampa. fire investigators say someone came into the building on north hyde park and poured flammable liquid in several locations before setting the place on fire. no one was living there and no one was hurt but they're asking anyone with information to please give the police a call. a fugitive on the run for weeks is finally behind bars. hernando deputies arrested this man, david deine, sr., in hillsborough county. he is wanted in hernando county for sexual battery on a minor. this guy was locked up. he was wanted for robbing a bb & t bank.
7:38 am
pitcher and in 2009 he signed with $2009 he signed with the baltimore orioles. investigators tracked him down at the westin hotel. the reality drama "night watch" is coming to tampa. we got a behind the scenes look. it it is an insight into what firefighters and police officers and first responders deal with. a spokesman for tampa fire rescue say many don't know what happens behind the rescues. >> a lot of times what people see when it comes to fire and police is what is reported on television, in the news. and that is very important, but you as a reporter don't have time to go and find the back story of what was happening that day with that individual police officer or firefighter. you don't know the stresses that they have. you don't know the joys that they have. >> filming is expected to start
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season. one woman drowned after the car she was in drove into flood waters on a california roadway. she drove around blockades which were closed because of flooding. the car was submerged in six feet of water. the driver made it out. the passenger did not. two people continue to recover after being shot over a new pair of air jorden shoes. two people were arguing inside the brooklyn center foot locker over the shoes and the fight spilled over into the parking lot and someone fired a gun. both victims have non-life-threatening injuries. the suspected shooter ran away and no arrests have been made. a broward county mother's tragedy becomes somebody else's life saving miracle. her daughter was killed in a
7:40 am
she made the hard decision to donate her daughter's organs. a woman was suffering from heart failure at the time and received her daughter's heart. and met with the mother so they can remember their family member is still alive in some way. >> she's there beating strong, because that is what my daughter is, vibrant and vivacious. >> now she feels, quote, more alive than ever. two powerball winners are coming forward and the winnings are staying within the family. one of them is a pennsylvania judge vacationing in florida this week. he stopped at a convenience store to buy lottery tickets and upon return to work he realized he won $291 million. his brother also played powerball. he is also the winner, just $7. the judge was eating breakfast at his regular spot when he checked his phone and realized
7:41 am
he then paid for the breakfast of everyone in the restaurant. he called his family to say we're going back to florida. with this weather, of course, if you want -- if you won 291 million, why would you go back to winter right now. >> that made his trip. >> i wonder if he will help his brother out. there. >> give him $93 to make him whole. when you see pictures like this, everybody wants to come to florida. that is a postcard from the south. andrea took these pictures along the bay and there was a beautiful sunset. you see the contrast there with -- well, more weather in store for us, it will be just like that here, heading into the afternoon? yes, indeed. we'll look at the forecast
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work is oftentimes hard and can be hard on your health. a recent study from the american heart association determined certain professions wear us down more than others. we'll look at some of those. >> reporter: overall our work lives seem to be getting busier than ever. the heart association says some professions seem to be taking more of a toll on our health than others. here are a few of those occupations. sales positions. the news here is not great.
7:45 am
study had poor eating habits and 69% had unhealthy cholesterol levels. police officers and firefighters: they keep us safe but researchers say firefighters and police officers are not safeguarding their health. a 90% of them were considered overweight or obese. 35% had high blood pressure. perhaps not surprisingly, people who work with food. 79% of food workers in the study were found to have poor diets. if you're concerned your job is taking a toll on your well-being, experts recommend sensible changes, such as bringing your own healthy lunch to work and setting aside half of your lunch hour for a walk. for today's health minute, jeremy roth. some days it is stressful here in the weather center but not on days like today. we're looking at tranquil weather and plenty of sunshine. with no rain in the forecast, just a temperature-driven one. temperatures will be on the
7:46 am
for us this morning we'll warm up but it won't be as warm as what we're expected here for tomorrow and then for the middle of the week. it is 57 degrees now along the beach and maybe that's why there is a few folks out along the shoreline this morning. but during the course of the afternoon i'm sure it will be filling up because it will be a fairly nice beach day, dry weather in place, the front came through, and that pushed away all of the high clouds we had yesterday. so high pressure is driving our weather throughout the southeast. what we'll watch for is the ridge to build up in the gulf of mexico, the surface aloft, that will allow for the temperatures to be warming up. so to our north we're dealing with colder weather in brooksville at 42 degrees compared to tampa at 52. it is 53 in sarasota. so sweaters are necessary here. if you're headed out early on, we've got a wind out of the north today and that is behind the front. speeds will increase to probably
7:47 am
and then they'll back off later on tonight. so this afternoon we'll be close to where we should be this time of year, which is sfoeshgs 5 degrees. inland spots warmer, though, away from the coastline, which will be chillier. as we head through the week, what we'll see is this ridge move out into the atlantic. today is sunny and mild conditions. temperatures stop in the 70s. by tomorrow more of us will see 80-degree readings in the inland zones. the clouds off the antic will come over the bay area but won't hold together. storms along the lower mississippi valley, active there, with heavy rainfall, but we are completely dry. you see it here in the forecast. over the next several days the temperatures go higher but the rain stays low. and there you see the rain chances on the low side here even into the weekend. so not a lot of active weather
7:48 am
town or maybe enjoying some spring training for baseball games, this is just delightful weather to be outside. >> can't ask for more p an item we too often which is a danger to hur pet. an alert about what can happen if your dog were to eat
7:49 am
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this morning an piernt on your side safety alert for pet owners. chances are you probably heard that chocolate is poisonous to dogs but did you know that zyltol which is used in sga is more dangerous. one family found this out the hard way. >> she found a container of gum in my gym bag and ate all of the
7:52 am
we said you'll have a belly ache now. >> reporter: an hour later it was worse. >> she -- >> jenny had no idea what was wrong until her daughters remembered reading sugar-free gum contains zyltol which is toxic to dogs. >> dancer started to have a bad seizure and this was on my girls' lapse while they were holding her. >> blood sugar dropped. >> reporter: the doctor spent -- the dog spent two days in icu. oftentimes when dogs have zyltol poisoning will suffer liver poisoning. >> we waited for the 72-hour mark to happen and just prayed and she made it. >> reporter: two weeks later dancer is still on medication to support her liver. >> she's a wonderful dog.
7:53 am
>> she wants to make sure that others are aware of this danger by posting it on facebook. >> when you have a toddler, you keep your cabinets locked, keep medicines out, you keep bleaches and poisons away from your kids. the same thing needs to be done if you take on the responsibility of having a dog. >> good information for pet owners. a good reason to break your diet today. plus a puppy and a vet, melting hearts all over the internet.
7:55 am
7:56 am
video of a crying puppy being soothed by a vet is melting hearts. >> i know, take a breath, puppy. >> oh, listen to this. that is the doctor comforting the crying puppy after surgery. the doctor said the dog was crying because he felt weird from the anesthesia. the shelter shared a follow-up picture of the pup with her new family. grab a glass of milk. it is national oreo cookie day. nabisco was founded in 1912. today there are more than 25 varieties of the cookie. open a pack and start dunking them in milk. and not a bad day to grab your oreo and take it to the beach or park. >> you have to have a glass of
7:57 am
that goes hand in hand. >> absolutely. the final forecast is looking pretty good. this is a forecast we can play over and over again. but the only thing we'll change is the temperature. we'll raise that certainly by the afternoon. we'll warm up from the morning lows to 74. when you look at this, this time next week we'll spring ahead one hour on the clock. but we'll actually spring not just into spring over the next couple of weeks, but it will feel like summer with some spots in the upper 80s. >> enjoy this case of spring today. it will be gone before you know it.
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good morning. split decision. donald trump, ted cruz and bernie sanders each winning two states on super saturday, while a disappointing showing for marco rubio has his republican rival suggesting it is time for a two-man race. >> marco rubio had a very, very bad night. and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. >> "snl" also weighing in, taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i mean, everyone loves me, racists, other racists, people who didn't even know they were racists. >> this morning, where the


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